How Curtain Rails Affect Your Living Space

ow Your Choice of Curtain Rails Affects Your Living Space

While it is often taken for granted, our choice of window dressing has a huge influence on the space we live in. In fact, probably much more than we might realise. One of the most obvious effects would be the visual aspect – window dressing strongly influences the look and design of a room. It can transform any space into a formal, professional space, or introduce some colours and flow for a more relaxed atmosphere.

Then there are also the practical features, such as the amount of light you want in your room, the amount of airflow you want to allow, and the size and accessibility of the windows. All of these influence your choice of window cover – and, if applicable, definitely also the curtain rails to facilitate your choice.

There are a number of different options available when it comes to curtain rails, with the main two categories being rods and tracks. These two types of rails allow for the hanging of different types of curtains which can change the entire atmosphere and features of a room.

Tracks are often a better solution for a curtain that you need to open and close regularly, as the tracks on the rails are specifically designed to move easily. This makes it a great option for living areas where you want to easily move the cloth away, or where you want to hang cloth that provides privacy, but still lets in light and air for a light and breezy room.

On the other hand, rods allow for the hanging of a heavier curtain, as these rails can carry more weight. Typically, heavier cloth allows for a more complete blackout of light from outside. It is thus a great solution for bedrooms, especially for those of us who struggle to sleep when the room is not completely dark. Heavier cloth also provides a better barrier against breezes, and helps to dull at least some noise coming from outside.

Rods also provide a bit more opportunity for flair. The rod itself can be made from wood, steel, or plastic, and since it is exposed, it will add to the décor of the room. In addition, the finials that provide the stop at the end of the poles present an opportunity to include some clever and beautiful design that highlights the style of the space.

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