Headboards: How To Choose The Right One

The Importance of Headboards and How to Choose the Right One

For most of us, our bedroom is our inner sanctuary – the place where we feel safe and comfortable; where we go to rest and rejuvenate. As such, it is a space that is an extension of us and a reflection of ourselves, hence the need to decorate it according to our taste and to put our personal touch on it. Headboards provide an easy way to customise a bedroom. They can really complete a room.

Headboards were first introduced as a practical piece of furniture to protect people from the cold. This was especially necessary for older buildings where there were drafts and walls did not provide sufficient insulation against the creeping cold. Wooden headboards would provide a barrier, and they were designed to leave a gap between the bed and wall to allow for the downdraft of cold air to pass between the wall and the headboard.

As construction, heating, and insulation improved over the years, headboards remained a constant feature in bedrooms. This is because they provide a number of other benefits:

  • Decoration – Because of their size and numerous style and design options, headboards provide a visual focal point in a room. They can enhance a desired style and provide a finishing touch to your bedroom.
  • Protection – They provide protection against wear and tear on your wall.
  • Comfort – If you like sitting up in bed reading or watching movies, a headboard can provide a comfortable backrest.
  • Feng shui – Feng shui is the practice of balancing energies in your house to create a peaceful and positive atmosphere. Headboards are considered a very important element for stability and protection.

Tips on Choosing the Right Option

  • Size – This is one of the most obvious and important considerations. The headboard needs to fit the bed, but also the room. It should be sturdy, but not overpowering, otherwise it could make your room look crowded.
  • Function – Is it purely decorative? Is it to protect against wear and tear? Do you want to use it as a backrest? Think about what you want before making your choice.
  • Style – As with size, style can add or detract from the room. Your choice should complement the room, not compete with other features.

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