Wood Shutters

Wood Shutters

Elevate Your Space with Premium Wooden Shutters: Uncompromising Quality, Versatile Customization, and Sustainable Phoenix Wood
Experience the epitome of craftsmanship with our wooden shutters, meticulously manufactured to the highest standards of quality. Choose from a diverse range of colors and grain finishes, ensuring a perfect match for your unique aesthetic preferences.

Our shutters are crafted from Phoenix wood, also known as Kiri Wood or “the Wood of the Future.” This remarkable material combines lightweight durability with a stunning grain finish, offering a timeless elegance to your windows. It boasts exceptional resistance to warping, cracking, and deformation, ensuring long-lasting beauty and functionality.

Notably, Phoenix Wood showcases natural resistance to wood borers and exhibits adaptability to a wide range of temperatures. Additionally, it serves as an excellent internal and external cladding for energy-efficient homes, contributing to sustainable living.
Experience the unparalleled versatility of our shutters, available in different systems, and customizable to meet your exact requirements. Trust Finishing Touches to provide you with the exclusive customization options that will truly bring your vision to life.


Features and Benefits

100% solid, sustainably sourced wood. Resistant to decay, warping splintering and splitting. Fire−resistant. Ignition temperature of 420 to 430˚C (average hardwoods: 225 to 235˚C).

Natural repulsion to insects. Low thermal conductivity. Ideal for insulation.

The hinged shutter is suitable for small to medium−sized openings. Hinged shutters can consist of one or more rectangular shutter panels, which can be hinged in a variety of configurations.



Hinged Shutters:

The hinged option can be constructed to fit shaped windows, and allows for ease of cleaning. These are ideal for the control of light into an area.

Hinged shutters have a timeless, classic look and allow the option of decorative frames, which will enhance the look of your room. For coastal areas, we offer the option of stainless steel hinges.

We offer accessories that allow for simpler functioning of the hinged system.

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Bi-Folding Shutters:

There are a number of bi−fold styles suitable for medium to large doors and windows. The bi−fold option provides a modern look that allows you to enjoy seamless indoor or outdoor views.

This option tends to create space and can be used as a divider between areas. Bi−fold shutters maximise the use of doors and windows.

Bi−fold applications require the use of a top and bottom track with the option of recessing your bottom track.

Accessories are available that allow for simpler functionality of the bi−fold system.

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Bypass Shutters:

The bypass system allows one to cover large openings. It is an ideal treatment for sliding doors.

Bypass shutters can be configured to match your doors or windows.

Sliding applications require the use of a top and bottom track with the option of having the bottom track recessed.

The bypass shutter can also be used as a divider to separate two areas.

Accessories are available that allow for simpler functionality of the bypass system.
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