Choosing The Best Curtain Rods For Your Home

Choosing The Best Curtain Rods For Your Home

There are many benefits to using curtain rods for your window dressing. If you invest in high-quality rods, they will last for years. There are few pieces that can break or get caught. They are also very fashionable pieces of décor that can add to the overall style of a room.

There are many different designs available, each with the power to transform a room and provide that polished finishing touch. Choose carefully, in order to enhance your entire interior. Here are some tips to help you choose the best curtain rods for your home:

1. Select a Suitable Size

Make sure the rod is thick enough – at least 2,5 centimeters in diameter. If you go too thin, it will look cheap and the weight of the drapes might bow the rod. According to interior designer Katherine Tlapa, you also want to ensure that your curtain rods extend about 7,5 to 15 centimetres beyond the window frame and about 15 to 20 centimeters above the frame. This will make the window seem larger and the ceiling seem higher. It will also keep more light out when closed, and allow more light through when open, as the drapes will cover the wall, rather than the window.

2. Consider the Colour Carefully

Turn your window dressing into a statement piece. Up the style by using the following considerations when choosing the colour of your curtain rods:

  • Create a designer look by matching the colour to the dark accents of the furniture in the room.
  • Let the drapes take centre stage by matching the rod to the colour of the curtains. If it is a patterned drape, choose a colour you would like to highlight.
  • Match the curtain rods to the wall’s colour to make them “disappear”.

For a modern, cohesive space, match the rod to trimmings like doorknobs, light switches, light fittings, or other features in the room.

3. Find Fitting Finials

Finish the look with the perfect finials:

  • Match the finials to a motive or pattern that is featured in the design of the room.
  • Match the material of the finials (and rod) to a material that is present in the room, like wood, steel, or copper.
  • Make sure that the finials are appropriate for the feel of the room – are they casual or formal?

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