Decorating your new home on a budget

Decorating your new home on a budget

You’ve just moved into your new home! Excitement is high, you are filling your Pinterest boards with gorgeous décor ideas. What could possibly spoil this moment? If your bank balance is the answer, don’t fret! Here are our top tips for decorating your new home on a budget.

Don’t go into it blind

One of the most crucial décor and privacy features in your new home is what you decide to put on your windows and sliding doors.

The right blind can give your space the modern edge that it needs, while a ready-made blind solution can save you time and money. We think of blinds as the ‘dimmer switch’ of window dressings. How would you like your sunshine today? Hot, medium, or mild? You choose!

If you have some room to stretch your budget, custom-made blinds can really create a sense of cohesion and belonging with your interior architectural aspects. Consistency is key, and if you are a stickler for things that fit exactly into a space, a custom-made solution is the one for you.

When planning your space it is important to remember the small details which will set the foundation of your decorating efforts, without the pinch. Choosing stylish curtain rods, rails, or poles, is just as vital as picking out complementary skirting boards or cornices.

Decorating your home on a budget

We LOVE wallpaper

Tired of watching paint dry? Now you don’t have to. Hooray! We love wallpaper, because it’s so easy to apply, and it looks effortlessly gorgeous.

A photo says a thousand words, and a good print says “this is home”. When money is tight, using wallpaper to brighten up a statement wall, bedroom or bathroom is the easiest way to get the most bang for your buck. Utilising different designs and colours creates texture, visual interest, and a sense of overall balance in your new home.

What’s more, is that it’s not permanent, so, should trends or personal tastes change, you can take it down and start again. All you need is your trusty wallpaper paste and hanging kit and you are good to go.

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Brighten things up, naturally

One of the best ways to breathe new life into your home is to become a plant mom (or dad). That’s right, if you are looking for a fresh, natural look, nothing brings it all together like real live plants.

If your budget has been stretched to the max on new wallpaper and blinds, or even a stunning headboard, we get that buying plants to complete the look might be out of the question. We’ve got a solution! Banana tree leaves, and Elephant Ears can last up to a few months when cut and placed in a vase with water.

Their brilliant green tones are visually spectacular, and they succeed in making it seem like you have meshed the outside within. If you do have a bit of money to spend, a Ficus or hanging indoor plant makes beautiful plant children for you to realise your full plant mom potential!

Another great way to incorporate natural tones and texture into your indoor spaces is to make use of woven straw baskets and wall art. These can be picked up relatively inexpensively, and they contrast wonderfully with your plant fixtures.

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Your interior journey is yours alone

Decorating your new home on a budget has never been easier! Creating your ideal home is something that is completely subjective, with the measure of success being entirely up to you. With these simple charms, tricks, and steadfast décor elements you can turn your home into the haven that it is meant to be because, at the end of the day, your interior journey is yours alone.


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