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Window Dressing Ideas to Keep in Mind Before You Buy Curtain Poles Online

Looking to buy new window dressings online to give those decade-old windows of yours a bit of a makeover, or are you moving into a new home and looking for a simple, yet chic, window style? Window décor used to be simple: you purchased a Roman blind or a delightful set of drapes and hooked them onto a rail or rod. In fact, your curtain print was the window décor. Nowadays, window design is all about minimalism – and we now have eyelet curtains, tab-top curtains, and wooden, wrought iron, brass, and pewter poles and rods paired with an infinite variety of finials, brackets, rings, pulls, and tiebacks.

Windows are the Eyes of a Home

Your windows are the eyes of your home. Not only do they dictate the light that enters but the windows dictate your style. Whether you live in a modern or traditional home, you will want to style your windows with only the best, and decorative curtain poles and rods with their variety of colours, materials, and diameters are designed to make a statement.

Here are some simple heading-style window dressing ideas that will complement any contemporary, traditional space.

Eyelet, Gold Coloured Curtain Rings and Poles

Curtain poles are functional, but also act as a decorative accessory to the curtains in your home, especially when complemented with big, bold, wooden coloured curtain rings. Another simple, yet elegant, window dressing décor idea is eyelets. This is an industrial, contemporary, and rustic heading-style that works elegantly on wrought iron or brass poles and can be found gracing the windows of many loft apartments and beach homes. Then there are tab-top curtains that tie around the pole, forming little bows. It’s a very rustic style, often used together with light fabrics over large windows.

Buy the Latest Curtain Poles Online at Finishing Touches

The simplest décor ideas can give your windows that beautifully designer look that is always in fashion. However, you may recognise the poles and rings you’re after, but finding them online can be another story. At Finishing Touches, we understand that it’s difficult to buy all the latest curtain poles and window decorative finishes all under one roof. As leaders in top-quality window décor products, we cater to everyone’s style and budget – and we do it online. Throwing the old rule book out the window, our products embrace minimalism, style, and affordability.

We have everything you need online – from decorative curtain rods, finials, tiebacks, and blinds to curtains. If by some chance you can’t find what you’re looking for, we can customise curtainpoles, rods or any decorative window product to your precise specifications and budget.



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