How to measure your windows for blinds, rods, and tie backs

How to measure your windows for blinds, rods, and tie backs

Whether you are deciding on blinds, rods, or tie backs to fit in your new home, or you are just looking to spruce up your current space, the devil is in the… measurement! Learn how to measure your windows for blinds with these easy steps.

Gorgeous window settings don’t just happen, so if you’re not feeling too confident in your DIY abilities, here are our top tips for getting the perfect measurement to compliment your new Finishing Touches!

How to measure your windows for blinds

Don’t make a rod for your own back

Measuring for curtain rods and curtain tracks is quite simple and shouldn’t be a pain in your side.

The steps:

1) Measure the inside width of your window

2) Rods should extend 10-20cm beyond the window on each side

3) Measure the height according to your existing or new curtain

4) ma*******@fi****************.za">Get in touch with us to supply you with your easy to fit curtain rods.

Tie back, not set back!

 Tie backs offer a stylish way to hold your curtains in place. Ideally, these should be installed 1m from the floor, as not to look out of place. Our range of tie backs are designed to complement window settings for a multitude of design styles, whether you are going for that minimalistic, modern look, or the classic country home style.

Finally, Finials!

Finials” you say? Finial is the name of the decorative accents at the end of your curtain rods. These sleek, yet effective design cues finish your windows look, and create visual interest. Ensure your finials have enough space to fit on the ends of your rods (remember the 10-20cm space that you left on each side when measuring your rods). If your space is limited, consider an end cap finial!

Make it beautiful with blinds

The easiest way to create a stunning window moment in your home is to install one of the many styles of blinds available to you.

The first step though – get your measurements and we’re here to help you learn how to measure your windows for blinds, as these are the foundation of a solid blind installation. Our handy illustration gives you a numbered guide for the steps below.

The big inside reveal

Before you start, check that nothing is protruding into the recess area where your blind will hang, like burglar bars, or security gates.  


1) For the inside reveal width, measure three times: top, middle, and bottom, and use the smallest size

2) For the inside reveal drop, measure three times: left, middle, and right and use the smallest size

Cut-out blinds

Finally, to measure for cut-out blinds:

1) Measure the width between the tiles

2) Measure the drop of the tile itself

3) Measure the width of the tile itself

4) Lastly, send us all your measurements and we’ll create your custom-made blinds

 For the outside measurement, we recommend that:

1) You leave a 10cm overlap on each side of your window.

2) Also leave a 10cm overlap on the top of the width of the window

Now for some fun

Now that you have measured your space, it’s time for the fun part! Choosing your gorgeous new curtains, blinds, and other decorative accents to give your home the perfect made-to-measure Finishing Touches it deserves.


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