Transform Your Home – Gypsey Range Curtain Rods and Accessories

The right curtains can truly transform your house into a home! However, choosing suitable curtain rods is something that is often overlooked but arguably just as important. Most people spend a fair amount of time shopping around for curtains that match the colour of their house and are made from their preferred fabric. But oftentimes the same amount of effort doesn’t go into choosing curtain poles and sadly, this is a missed opportunity to elevate your living space even more. Thankfully, you won’t have to search far and wide to find the perfect poles, because Finishing Touches has got you covered with the Gypsey range of curtain rods and accessories.

Choosing The Right Curtain Rods

The first thing you have to keep in mind when buying curtain poles for your home is the size of the windows you want to cover. Most windows in your house should be of a similar size, but be sure to measure all of them to get accurate sizes. Remember that the curtain poles need to extend at least 15cm beyond the edges of the frame. This allows the curtain to cover the entire window comfortably and gives you the space you need to tuck away the curtains when they are drawn back. Gypsey curtain rods come in lengths of 1500mm, 2000mm, 2500mm and 3000mm to easily accommodate most window sizes.

The type of curtain that you wish to hang and the colour should also be taken into account when buying curtain rods. You need to first decide whether you are going for a bold and intense look, or whether you prefer a more minimalistic approach. Classic curtain poles will look good when paired with most curtain headings and the weight of the curtain shouldn’t be a problem for most metal rods. Make sure you get the double pole bracket if you intend to hang two layers of curtains.

If you plan on buying eyelet curtains, you have to make sure that the eyelet is not too small or too large for the diameter of the pole. The size of the eyelet can have a significant influence on how easy it is to move the curtains and can affect the overall look. The poles will be quite visible, even after the curtains have been put up. So the colour of the rod should work to accentuate everything around it. Gypsey curtain poles have a 28mm diameter and come in a stylish black finish that is sure to match most walls, curtains and ceiling colours.

Choosing Your Accessories

The final stage involves putting the finishing touches on your curtain setup. The Gypsey range has various finials that you can choose from to find the one that best suits the room. You might also want to install the matching Gypsey tiebacks to keep your curtains in place after being drawn and to add to the overall aesthetic. And don’t be dismayed if you already have curtains that have hooks but still want to try the Gypsey range. You can simply attach these pencil pleat curtains to our Gypsey curtain rings and fit them to the rods as you would with eyelet curtains.

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