Custom-made Shutters

Custom-made Shutters, Designed For Every Home

Finishing Touches believes that every window is a potential work of art. We strive to offer our customers high-end products that will take home décor and every window to new heights. Our custom-made shutters come in a choice of wood or aluminium and work towards enhancing the overall elegance of your home. Custom-made shutters also add value to your space, all the while offering warmth and nuanced light control.

When choosing your custom-made shutters, you can opt for different installation options, namely hinge, sliding, or bi-fold. This choice will depend largely on your stylistic needs, and one of our friendly staff members will gladly explore these options with you. Customers have over 50 colour variants to choose from and a professional installation team at their disposal if needed. Blade sizes vary between 47 mm and 114 mm, and thus you can design a bespoke shutter that will suit your colour, style, and design needs.

Shutters add romance and ambiance to any home and can be specifically tailored to fit any space. If safety is your primary concern, you might opt for our custom aluminium shutters. These boast a 10-year guarantee and will add security to your home, all the while retaining elegance. They are super easy to maneuver and are also silent, so you won’t have to deal with any extra noise. These can be used both inside and outside and come in an array of colours including white, light grey, dark grey, bronze, and charcoal.

Why Choose Finishing Touches Custom-made Shutters?

All of our beautifully designed custom-made shutters come with a warranty and are thus built to stand the test of time. We believe in the quality of our products and will gladly fix or replace anything that is not up to standard. We are a proudly South African brand and believe in combining optimum style with affordability. Our products are durable, great value for money, and created with ultimate elegance in mind. Our products have reached over 5 million South African homes, and we can’t wait to be a part of your décor experience. As a leading company when it comes to window furnishings and décor, we believe in the potential of every home, and more importantly, every window.

Contact us today, and we’ll gladly help you to find the perfect shutters for your space. When it comes to anything window or design-related, we’re here to show you only the best.



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